Barely enough room to talk, hm.
Being on co with the most detestable person I've ever had the displeasure of meeting sucks.
And I'm outski. See y'all.
Coffee fucking sucks, actually.
But, I hope that Plerb is having a good day today!
Not sticking around for super long at the moment, but I'm here for a couple of minutes. Hello!
I don't think I'm allowed to make fun of anyone when I listen to AM and FOB in 2018, actually. )K.
Promo me. I know I have two friends but I PROMISE I'm cool. Where the fuck is autoplay taking me.
Our entire recommended on youtube is DBD youtubers, edgy music, and Hop Along.
When I'm done this I'm probably just gonna play Minecraft for a bit, huh.
So...turtles, right.
I think that I traded in my ability to speak to people for being able to focus on school for more than thirty seconds.
Y'know, Rox has been talking about how they bounced off of this album but I think it's pretty okay... Get Up slaps.
User: AR
Name: Hal
Location: They/them or he/him.
Bio: 16, white, hard of hearing, autistic. I'm an alter in a system so activity is pretty sporadic but I like having a place to speak sometimes.