Kristilouis 26 days offers much-needed standardization and transparency to software and application development.
Kristilouis 26 days
Developer of an AI-powered Software intended to help build and operate software projects..
Kristilouis 26 days adopts an assembly-line approach
Kristilouis 26 days
Builder Studio lets our customers build mobile apps.
Kristilouis 26 days
The idea in your head, turned into the app in your hand.
Kristilouis 1 mo helping businesses directly impacted by COVID19
Kristilouis 1 mo believe that everyone should be empowered to unlock their true potential to be a builder
Kristilouis 1 mo have been slogging away, so your business can thrive through this time.
Kristilouis 1 mo
"Start Where You are what you have "~
Kristilouis 1 mo
Bring your idea to life via tailor made, custom software (no coding required).
Kristilouis 1 mo
Creating an app is now easy with
User: Kristilouis
Name: Kristi Louis
Location: United Kingdom