MlKAN 1 hr
I am procrastinating on an essay I know will be super important to my grade but like.
MlKAN 11 hrs
My brain, hurt.
MlKAN 5 days
I just got home from work and I have two essays to finish Im-
MlKAN 6 days
My bones hurt
MlKAN 12 days
An artist i take big inspiration from n look up to messaged me back im !!!
MlKAN 12 days
Thank you dentistry account for sending me a friend request.
MlKAN 12 days
My bones are screaming from within the confines of my skin prison.
MlKAN 13 days
Rather than type up my essay that's due soon, I instead wrote a short beginning of a story on the plague.
MlKAN 14 days
Haha, pee.
MlKAN 14 days
Thinking about college again and the idea still makes me feel like I'm going to vomit.
MlKAN 14 days
MlKAN 14 days
Im in a google classroom where all we do is send cursed images and say random concerning phrases in Russian.
MlKAN 17 days
I have to start putting in college applications and I get nauseous thinking about it.
MlKAN 17 days
I want mac and cheese.
MlKAN 18 days
I've been getting migraines so often, but at least its Halloween.
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