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basil • he/they • infp doesn't typically initiate frq's
Caribou Lakes is the legacy of successful generations of traders hailing from the Caspian Sea region. Since 1922 the goal of bringing the fine delicacies of caviar and saffron to the world’s most grand tables has helped make these ingredients become a sy
You know, you only live once. So eat ass, smoke grass, and sled fast!
I’m a girl in my late twenties with a big smile who has 3 passions in life: Travel, Culture, and Language. I have been to nearly to many countries and always ready to back my bag for the next trip.
Nieprzytomna kawoholiczka, kochająca koty, psy i wszelkie czworonogie sierściuchy. Matka-Polka gotująca. Tyle.
eat the rich
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my friends call me bastard [☆=(ゝω・)/ gf w/ @ramenbowl ]
18, male, honorary cishet.