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*grips head* hhHHHH Don't call me.
You have no idea how a furby works. also, treat them like you would want to be treated. I will slam you on the table
16, white, hard of hearing, autistic. I'm an alter in a system so activity is pretty sporadic but I like having a place to speak sometimes.
mars + he/him
He/him : 16 I used to be a weird ass attorney kinny on here back in 2016 whats good.
winona ryder said goth rights
fritz 18 any pronouns i dont use this site anymore i used to be @mulder
oooooooo he
he/him - 16 - autistic im love my friends vent acc: @spiritphone
bio : kin :
🎧 ⠀⠀⠀☼ @casimir 💕 @mortal ☽
tala 17 she/him
ʙᴇᴄᴋᴇᴛᴛ / ʙᴇᴇ i luv gusty! ʕ♡˙ᴥ˙♡ʔ
♡♥❤♥♡ august ! :з ♡♥❤♥♡ - ̗̀ i love bee ̖́- (´。• ω •。`) ˚. ˒· ˟ ♥ ˋ₊· ͈⊹
ellis | he/him