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{ ace - he/she/they - vv chill }
Snurbhabble. Is an actual shit stain on earth. Dragon3ye321 from toungeblur a much more advanced website, may i remind you.
lol cri quotev sucks assbc new update soz
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hi my name is kya im 15 and im gay 👉😎👉
yeah hi a toaster joined plerb came from quotev please don't hate me plerb people
23.02.17 I'm pretty chill af ~ Yo Bitch, I'm a swagger ~ My Swag is off limits, yuss Fuck that Follow me on Quotev : @AlessiaLgu
Aye? I'm Al (They/them). I heard of this website randomly on Quotev. Looks boring and empty, honesty. I like Undertale, Hetalia and horror RPGS such as Ib, Mad Father, Misao and To The Moon (Isn't very scary, but sad. First RPG i ever saw, too)
My Quotev is going to get banned I think. Lol I'm depressed as fuck now.
Follow me on Q: @MyJibooty. I'm nice to all.
he/him please!! lofi hiphop lover
Hi, my names Alex. I'm originally from Quotev. I came on here to see what it's like and to experience and get to know new people!
**insert random meme here**
hi, I identify as a pansexual potholder. basically, I'm a hoe for roleplaying and a bigger hoe for fluff.
I'm a piece of trash. But, you know, good trash. I'm like recycling. I like Q and Plerb! Let us put aside all mishaps and be friends :)
I am a literal freaking dork, and an anxious ball of stress. @.EverythingsAlright from Quotev
p-pewish thot
23 // Very Pansexual // An Asshole // Random Centric //