My sister just came out to me as bisexual and I'm just like "Being gay really is in our genetics" 🌈
How, the fuck am I on the boards again? I recently cleared by posts. Plerb must be really dry.
regardless, Im going to die early
I do love my daily smoke of my cancer sticks.
If you have depression, I have one piece of advice, and so far it's working for me. Don't worry about the things you have no control over. �
"I wish you'd be as dirty as my car, I could be your ride tonight." 🚙
Gucci is shit, Im never buying that. No matter what they come out with. ♆
I think 'imperfections' are pretty. It just gives me something more to love. 🌹
Women who are overweight really are aren't that bad. I love them, their bodies are soft and amazing to cuddle. 💖
They don't have the shoes I want in my size. Im crying cause these shoes ARE SO PRETTY.
Im looking at this video of me dancing and I'm just like, "Why the fuck is my chest shaking so much??"
Dirty Car by Studio Killers Is Such A Lesbian Bop💖
Some random lady at school gave me a infraction/Write up because I said she was 'naturally sour' 😂
Happy birthday🎂 @lolicon
At this point I feel like vaping might be more dangerous than smoking cigarettes. 💫
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Name: Dirty Car by Studio Killers Is Such A Lesbian Bop💖