bardcore 2 days
coralee: breathes nelleigh: hsfskjhbl thats my?? wife??? oh my god?????
bardcore 7 days
nelleigh chirps when she gets rlly nervous
bardcore 8 days
nelleigh is keyboard cat reincarnate
bardcore 12 days
anyways nelleigh is a hopeless romantic
bardcore 12 days
nelleigh writes letters to coralie but never gives or sends them to her since shes too babie to ever act on her love.
bardcore 13 days
OKAY SO UH nelleigh isnt religious but mark introduced her to the concept of jah as a religious figure after making a promise and swearing
bardcore 13 days
nelleigh can not say megalovania. any time she tries to her tongue gets twisted and shes just. meg megalov mmmmergalrrrr m .... Sans.
bardcore 13 days
nelleigh probably pretends to hate mark just bc shes fucking terrified of him asdfghj
User: bardcore