becquerel 16 hrs
im hungry man
becquerel 3 days
why are you people like this
becquerel 3 days
becquerel 3 days
whomst the fuck
becquerel 3 days
i came back because you assholes couldnt keep my name out ur mouths
becquerel 3 days
who the fuck
becquerel 6 days
im tired but i just woke up
becquerel 16 days
this hot weather gave me the worst headache
becquerel 19 days
my feet are aching but i'm finally done moving everything into the new house
becquerel 20 days
i am officially moved into my new house :^)
becquerel 22 days
bruno mars has such a strong voice
becquerel 23 days
throwback to when fantalucy tried to tell me carly rae was problematic
becquerel 23 days
my typing quirk is that i dont type. im not there ever. im out living my life, probably being gay somewhere
becquerel 23 days
make a msparp group for plerb prom. everyone have a typing quirk.
becquerel 23 days
lava shark boy girl
User: becquerel
Name: beck querel
Location: florida
Bio: hey it's beck. i am a dog. a 19 y/o dog. as my fancy placard says I Am Mod, Ask Me Question.
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