becquerel 1 hr
becquerel 1 hr
i like when ppl force themselves into convos that dont involve them.
becquerel 1 hr
fuck ing fuck off
becquerel 2 hrs
every time i fucking leave someone new is kin with sans or the lorax or some other god awful cringe character
becquerel 4 hrs
ok not to be ugly but why did the 'southern food the net has discourse over' have to be coleslaw and not fucking grits. i hate grits. nasty.
becquerel 5 hrs
for example, a government can offer tax breaks for businesses and keep taxes to a minimum to encourage entrepreneurship
becquerel 5 hrs
a healthy business environment makes it possible for non profit and for profit businesses to thrive
becquerel 5 hrs
entrepreneurship and the use of knowledge
becquerel 5 hrs
the wound in my mouth hurts real bad
becquerel 5 hrs
look 'it's yaboi beck' has been my twitter name for like two years yall cant just randomly make it 'yaoi beck' instead
becquerel 5 hrs
im almost done with my intro to business work nice
becquerel 6 hrs
hey everyone it's ur friendly daily reminder from mod bec to be good and behave
becquerel 6 hrs
gonna do as much of my classwork as i can today rip
becquerel 19 hrs
im cold rip
becquerel 20 hrs
do i eat ice cream and get a stomach ache or do i Not eat ice cream and Not get a stomach ache
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