ive had this ceaseless urge to do creative writing recently but it hasnt hit me on what i should write about. something tells me i should
make up my own world and lore and be cool n shit but uhhh im Dumbass and cant focus on one thing for too long or ill go nuts. but that being
said id absolutely love to make like! a series of books based around my own lore. something i could call my own, you know? i just think
thatd be neat and real sexy of me to do something like that. a while ago last year i had something like that but it was mostly just me
letting my fingers go absolutely nuts on the keyboard about a nonbinary dreamer who had narcolepsy and funky dreams. i never got too deep
into it and i kinda wish i had. i with the stories wouldve been a bit longer than a few paragraphs. but it was nice to do in my free time.
it was nice to use it as a method of venting or expressing joy. i never really told anybody about it even though i put the stories up on ao3
it was kinda like my own little secret between myself and i. i would type out the stories on google docs when i got a little bit of time and
when i was finished with it id just copy-paste it to ao3. it was nice to be able to write and get my stuff out there, even if i wasnt
reaching many people. i think maybe i should do something similar this school year. it might be nice. maybe i can get my thoughts together
and make up my own little world? i write fanfics every now and then but even then most of them are based on memory so itd be nice to write
something completely original! but, like ive been saying, the main issue here is figuring out what to write about. maybe ill make up some
characters and do a bit of brainstorming! maybe i could finally do something with miso and marie and mae? thatd be fun hehe! my own funky
monster world.