casimir 8 days
hey would anyone here be down to play a like... textbased dnd, no calls, that takes place in my sci-fi/fantasy universe
casimir 9 days
xander ille and minute moore are NOT dating
casimir 9 days
i say words... i feel like iwill die
casimir 10 days
i am very stupid and gay
casimir 11 days
my brain is jumping between a4 and asa
casimir 11 days
i cant post a LOT because all the players have my plerb but there is so much i am excited for
casimir 11 days
im excited for asa tomorrow! not a lot of balls will drop but i will reuse the mechanic i used for pepsi i think
casimir 11 days
i finally get to show off my baby boy... [REDACTED] "[REDACTED]" [REDACTED] i love you!!!
casimir 11 days
i think warden young and mercury honing are just fine!!!
casimir 11 days
i like... ttrpgs!
casimir 12 days
hello friends and gamers
casimir 13 days
good evening friends and gamers
casimir 14 days
[realizes i hate everything ive made all over again] haha fun
casimir 14 days
good mourning
casimir 14 days
baby wahoorat
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