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*grips head* hhHHHH Don't call me.
hi! i'm jamie. or you can call me roger. because thats me. read my carrd bro!!!! icon by tetrisplus CHECK OUT MY CANON URL STASH IN MY FOLLOWING LIST I ONLY HOARD THE BEST listen to piss up a rope nightcore Now
16, white, hard of hearing, autistic. I'm an alter in a system so activity is pretty sporadic but I like having a place to speak sometimes.
they/them ntjdh squad my bf is the cutest person alive
i can't handle astounding works of beauty / i think i like my pretty pretty ugly
(´。• ᵕ •。`) ◊ ⤤gnarly gal⤣ i need more friends pls☾
. howl | 15 | they/them | 🦷 Online [🌠] | Offline [ ] eating stars is my hobby! @bardcore gang yea i swallowed a star once#8414 🦷✨🌠💖🌠✨🦷
mars + he/him
hi im cecil and im a clueless lesbian in love. i can also count the amount of friends i have on one hand. 1, 2, 3.
18 | he/him just a transguy who really likes naps and talking abt birds ☆゚*・。*・☆゚*・。*・☆゚*・。*・☆゚*・。*・ vent acc: @babybird
let me be a blue raft on a blue sea! i'll blend right in.
He/him : 16 I used to be a weird ass attorney kinny on here back in 2016 whats good.
dabi. he/him. fictive. adult. aries. byf: i say the faggot slur & i do drugs. no truscum!
lmao follow me on quotev @desespoirvivant, thanks she/her. 14
micah | its | dont call me a man | 18 | ✡ not gonna list my triggers, if you post them ill probably just unfriend
Jolyne 17 She/Her Was @prinnysquad
angelo. 15. hesbian.
fritz 18 any pronouns i dont use this site anymore i used to be @mulder