My brother, my sister in law, and I all played DnD last night and it was so COOL!! We fought a boss and I almost died twice.
I also scored a kazoo from a shop instead of my cool ass bongos
And I dubbed my Kenku's name as Cooper Cooper
We're gonna see if our dad wants to join the DnD party to be our tank!! I'm so excited!!
I deadass wanna text him now to see if he would be interested :\)
Now we play the waiting game for him to text be back ^^
I really hope he says yes because I feel like he'll really like not only spending time with his kids, but the roleplaying too
I'm GENUINELY excited to see what class and race he picks
I just hope he can understand Cooper and picks the language I have,,,,
Also I want my dad to take all the aggro because I am but a SQUISHY bard
Praying my dad is a tank, day 1
Knowing how he played in WOW, my guess is that he'll pick Orc or Bugbear because he likes the bigger boys
Oh yeah maybe human too because he doesn't know the races very well. It's his first time
I REALLY hope that dad says yeah!!!!
A quote from our session last night: "Hey DM, can you make an NPC that has a very specific fetish for old cat ladies?"
I like thinking about the characters my dad might make,,,,, I wonder if I can convince him to make "The cooler Ricky" (My brother and DM)
Nobody: Me: Cooper wants to hit the enemy with his greatclub he is 200% NOT proficient in.
Bro my dads probably gonna name is character Greg after himself but like,,,, spelled backwards,,, Gerg,,,
My dad really does pull through for us :')