fartnoises 19 days
wow i don't think i recognize anyone on here lmao hello again how are yall
fartnoises 6 mos
i miss nep
fartnoises 8 mos
still here, still getting friend requests from weird businesses
fartnoises 10 mos
ya boi finally got a binder but im too sunburnt to try it on :(
fartnoises 11 mos
lol bye plerb thanks for being here for me to vent to with other neurodivergents (im on tumblr at davetrash lov u guys)
fartnoises 11 mos
we have disco playin @ work and im on the verge of dissociating and lemme tell u, u have NEVER left reality like u have when listenin 2 ABBA
fartnoises 11 mos
what's a plerb
fartnoises 12 mos
tfw your mind just kinda
fartnoises 12 mos
hello plerb just dropping in to say my next novel is a fairy tale with a nonbinary knight and a gay lute player thx
fartnoises 12 mos
hey is anyone on here fluent in spanish? i got a quick writing question
fartnoises 1 yr
🅱️eppy?????? 🅱️eppy!!!!!
fartnoises 1 yr
hi plerb today i ran into a glass door how are you
fartnoises 1 yr
wow i havent been on in nine million years how is everyone hope ur all having good days
fartnoises 1 yr
lmao eating ice cream while ur dissociating is wild
fartnoises 1 yr
idk like i know these aren't true but these are still real bad messages to get especially when ive tried my best to be nothing but nice to(c
User: fartnoises
Name: hunter
Location: og plerb
Bio: nonbinary || i pour candles for a living || 21 (davetrash on tumblr) ((wasabi #8539 on discord))