ffiv 7 hrs
my teacher asked me if i was ok bc she saw me crying the other day and didnt know if she could ask then 😶
ffiv 7 hrs
hi how are we plerb.edu
ffiv 16 hrs
do i gotta do taxes bc i turn 18 vefore tax season ends
ffiv 18 hrs
when your gay. lol
ffiv 21 hrs
i lost my earrings 🤬🤬🤬
ffiv 1 day
not to be straight but like 😗 i love girl
ffiv 1 day
i love video games llalal
ffiv 1 day
ugh. ugh. u
ffiv 1 day
im gpnna commit a faggotry
ffiv 2 days
i was gonna buy tokens for le Online Game to get cool stuff but i forgot taxes existed so it goes 4 cents over my budget :no_mouth:
ffiv 2 days
ffiv 3 days
wish there was mass use of webwhiteboard again
ffiv 3 days
i am ok with drawing but i have no inspiration or ideas
ffiv 3 days
hi :)
ffiv 4 days
since im an aries/aries/aries im destined to be fiesty and maybe mean and headstrong and appear as the real me to others so i. *dies*
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Name: i cast trans your gender
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