frijole Friends
*grips head* hhHHHH Don't call me.
hi! i'm jamie. or you can call me roger. because thats me. read my carrd bro!!!! icon by tetrisplus CHECK OUT MY CANON URL STASH IN MY FOLLOWING LIST I ONLY HOARD THE BEST listen to piss up a rope nightcore Now
casimir + 16 + it/its
mars + he/him
He/him : 16 I used to be a weird ass attorney kinny on here back in 2016 whats good.
hi i'm luciel and my joy in life is my ability to do a proper nico nico nii. in other words, i'm a complete loser. talk to me !
micah | its | i am a stoner
Jolyne 17 She/Her Was @prinnysquad
fritz 18 any pronouns i dont use this site anymore i used to be @mulder dont fuck with me i'll call you slurs and bully you on the internet i love gigantic titties
i love my girlfriend
read this vvvvvvv
rip benny harvey 👼🏼💔 gone but not forgotten miss you, big man
Hewwo owo I'm peach from quotev! I'm here to see if anyone's gonna bully me bc I'm from q skhdksjskssj but imma actually try to make an effort to make friends on here or smth
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Jolyne She/her My tumblr is trans-lesbian-susie
♚ satan ♚ minor ♚ she/her ♚ ♔ i like to think im an angel ♔