frijole Friends
*grips head* hhHHHH Don't call me.
[static sounds]
mars + he/him
He/him : 16 I used to be a weird ass attorney kinny on here back in 2016 whats good.
hi i'm luciel and my joy in life is my ability to do a proper nico nico nii. in other words, i'm a complete loser. talk to me !
Jolyne 17 She/Her Was @prinnysquad
fritz 18 any pronouns i dont use this site anymore i used to be @mulder
pars(ley) 🌙 18 🌙 i like wamen rip benny harvey 👼🏼💔 gone but not forgotten miss you, big man
im roger im lesbo am 16 he/him prnouns. Jesus God I Need My Juul icon by tetrisplus CHECK OUT MY CANON URL STASH IN MY FOLLOWING LIST I ONLY HOARD THE BEST stan dethklok.
i love my girlfriend
read this vvvvvvv
Hewwo owo I'm peach from quotev! I'm here to see if anyone's gonna bully me bc I'm from q skhdksjskssj but imma actually try to make an effort to make friends on here or smth
my friends call me bastard [☆=(ゝω・)/ gf w/ @ramenbowl ]
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Jolyne She/her My tumblr is trans-lesbian-susie
♚ satan ♚ minor ♚ she/her ♚ ♔ i like to think im an angel ♔