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helo im leo https://walloftext.co/ashtar
any pronouns • panromantic asexual
he/it interchangeably. https://listography.com/empathetic
I'm Finn and I'm still not out of my weeby Homestuck phase huuuuhhh
he/him - 17 - autistic im love my friends vent acc: @spiritphone
look around, that’s not me! not one shred of who i’ll be!
✧Kin aesthetics!
15 ! she/her
i like to lie in the fields. i cry.
I'm a sixteen year old. Loyal, honest, and respectful to my friends. Likes wolves/ werewolves. Likes to role-play with friends. Irl Friend of @LilFighter, @LorenzoRedFox, @Devinsas4. Wie rettet man jemanden, wenn man sich selbst verloren hat ...?
oyk should stop harassing white people
sad squid
he / him | stupid 🔪 🌈 now loading... 💊
hi im ecks n if you respect me I'll respect ya boi // death threat counter: 1
17, he/him, https://listography.com/Oakdown thiscrush: http://www.thiscrush.com/~snailman put this on your profile if you're a gay emo or support gay emos