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🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪 im abel i delete my posts a lot they/them and he/him alternating
feeling bad? just remember: my muscles are huge and i can punch through walls
I love anime! add me on league, or steam: xoxofirework
earth is gay im from vent lolol @/mastematehmaple
20 + he/they
19 - he/him - hi! i haven't really used plerb since it started but i might use it now idk!
hi i'm pocket and i have an unhealthy obsession for magical girl anime
Honorary member of the dead robins club. I'd sell Tim Drake to satan for a single corn chip.
i luv dazai osamu vent user @ chuuya
Whats up gamers I just shidded my pants Here are @my saved UNs
♚ WHERE'S YOUR HEART? mika | 21 | he/they vent: huacheng twitter: yilingburial
15. Female. Taken. Want poems about stupid feelings? I'm your girl.
hi i had to reevaluate my entire identity recently. ty. for understanding.