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-She/Her - 17
Relax take it easy ;)
21, she/her. I'll have a longer bio in a bit.
I'm living in the @past
hey thanks for checking in im still a piece of garrrbbagge // 23 / he
mars + he/him
[ 🌿 ] find me here friends !! + quotev : .cygnea
better stay on that side of the street mf or i'll knock you OUT
We are now the angels of death, breathing cyanide.
Making travel affordable is my passion. I work at Smart Web Vacations in Playa del Carmen, Mexico where I ensure that our clients can travel cheaply and as affordable as possible.
mel they/them
got ur nose
oooooooo he
⚡🌈💕 emilio i want a @gf he him 19 hispanic trans bi
roch 🌙 19 @pantheon nothin tagged unfriend me if u want
i smoke pussy Vent is .guz atm I also go by .mic
As Educational and Therapeutic placement consultants, we provide possibilities to children, adolescents and young adults who are struggling.