The Plerb community has a lot of great people with a lot of great suggestions. We'll try to document the new featues and updates we make here.
Here are the changes we've made so far:
We can now report posts to moderators.
Username Login:
We can now log in with our username or email address.
Code Updates:
Updated some code to increase performance. Also temporarily removed the feed-sort function.
Feed Sort:
Normally when someone replies to a post, the post will move to the top of our feed. Some people have asked if we could sort our feed only by the descending dates of the posts (and disregard the dates of the replies) – and now we can! If we look out our home sidebar, we see that the default sort is "Replies". If you click that link, it will change to "Posts". You can easily toggle back and forth.
Bio Links:
Links will now work in the "Bio" section of our profile.
Browse Update:
Added a section showing the users who've received the most replies for the week.
Paging has been added to the user home pages. In the future, we may change this to an infinite scroll (or use a "More Posts" button).
Browse Page:
This is a new page for browsing the community. We're going to add many new features to this page in the coming months.
Change Username:
Usernames can now be changed by going to Settings > Username.
Delete Replies:
Replies can be deleted by clicking on the timestamp of the post and then clicking the "delete" link next to the reply. You can delete your own replies and you can also delete replies by other people to your posts.
Delete PMs:
Private messages can be deleted by clicking the "delete" link next to the timestamp.
We can now like people's posts.
Post Deletion:
The post deletion functionality has been added to the post page. Click on the timestamp of your post to get to the post page.
Post Replies Option:
If you go to Settings > Options, you can change your reply setting to allow replies from everyone or just friends.
Private Messaging:
A new private messaging system has been implemented.
We can now block users by going to the their profile and clicking the "Block" link.
User tagging:
Now when we prefix someone's username with @, it will link to their profile.
Styling Update:
There was a bug when uploading background images and profile images. These functions have been updated.
We can now post emojis in posts, first names, last names, and bios.
Server Upgrades:
Plerb is growing fast and that puts a lot of strain on our server, so we've upgraded it.
Coming Soon
Hiding/Collapsing replies
Reply option at bottom of replies
Coming Soon After
Animated gifs
Increase max characters of posts
Images in replies
Upload more than just images
Editing of posts
Search posts
Multi-user accounts
More customizations
Mobile app
And many more...
Note: When we add updates, it may cause downtime for a few minutes.
If you have any suggestions, comments, or questions, send us a message. Thanks!