hybrid Friends
im fucking illiterate
. howl | 15 | they/them | cierson gang aligned just a place where i can spill my thoughts. feel free to block me. im willing to talk if you pm me. i wont start fights. im sorry. https://mighty-yawn.tumblr.com/about uwu lovemail#8414
im cody call me whatever except anything fem
leg.... shayke... many..
let me out of this crackden i cant take this shit no mor...................... drowning in fucking bitcheas. he/him
i'm the sexiest man on plerb. call me dirt sluts josefumi. ill beat you with my fists if you say anything.
beats the fucking shit out of y
I just want my PlayStation Plus account back
i have disease https://lurvervi.carrd.co/
name: secret but i’m not todd howard favorite game: skyrim or fallout 76 hobbies: playing skyrim or fallout 76, watersports dislikes: haters, good games
im koichi......coochie if ur nasty... minor (15) she/he/they idc just not it gemini uhhhh i like jjba and music
cierson gang be like peepee poo poo https://ciersongang.tumblr.com/
I put the bi in bitch