itseden121 11 mos
bomb city is everything. e v er y thing.
itseden121 11 mos
bro the slushies @ glenn are honestly bomb. also this is cringy as frick, but we're gonna roll with it.
itseden121 11 mos
@vampyrefrnk you got this b.
itseden121 11 mos
regarding logan. lOGAN FRIG OFF. IT'S C O CK E R .
itseden121 11 mos
an update: Joe Crocker is literally everything and the grooviest soulFUL GuY. (check out: woman to woman or high time we went.)
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Bio: 17! Psychedelic tunes or whatever soothes my mind. poetry. human connection. lunchables. peace. love. and a search for true happiness. gemini sun/pisces moon!!