jinouga 31 mins
PLEASE watch mao mao heroes of pure heart
jinouga 8 hrs
holy SHIT i want some salt n vinegar chips rn
jinouga 9 hrs
does this look nice? i hope it does
jinouga 9 hrs
animal crossing mood, man
jinouga 9 hrs
you know that kinda happy you feel when you find new music you like? that’s how i’m feelin rn ♪
jinouga 1 day
i never wish harm upon anyone rather i wish heavy inconveniences and discomforts
jinouga 1 day
now i scream, for i too do not know.
jinouga 2 days
whomst the fuck let the weebs come here. go back to your site of drama and bad updates and poorly written fanfiction
jinouga 2 days
i’m about to go feral in this chilis tonight
jinouga 7 days
mao mao heroes of pure heart is adorable and i love it
jinouga 8 days
how do i talk to my folks about how my disabilities are being treated and acknowledged without sounding like i don’t know what i’m talking a
jinouga 10 days
i live for dogs in shoes.
jinouga 11 days
oh noes! ónò awwe you having a stwoke??
jinouga 11 days
jinouga 11 days
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