ltmiller0 11 hrs
Me: I need help on drawing the arm B1 teach: draw it then
ltmiller0 11 hrs
Day whatever the hell it is: I’m stuck again on drawing the trebuchet
ltmiller0 12 hrs
That moment when you pass your safety test after you didn’t study it 😳
ltmiller0 6 days
Two people are really naruto fighting in basic tech
ltmiller0 11 days
Eddie what are you doing, Eddie! Put the guitar down!
ltmiller0 11 days
Holy crap the dude with the long hair has a gun now
ltmiller0 11 days
Help there’s a dude with long hair and a weird dog that’s trying to chase me
ltmiller0 11 days
I have the sudden urge to get up in the middle of the class and start joker dancing now
ltmiller0 11 days
Yeah trebuchets are cool but lemme watch Beck teacher
ltmiller0 12 days
Looking at the intro kids find out the meanings in Into the Woods is hilarious
ltmiller0 12 days
Leo is stinky poopoo
ltmiller0 12 days
I really got Wind stuck in my head
ltmiller0 14 days
Update: I had to ask the teacher on how to build a trebuchet
ltmiller0 17 days
Today probably won’t be a good day but I’m still vibin
ltmiller0 18 days
“Apparently you can change the song on airpods by smacking your forehead twice” -dude in my B1
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