maximillian 1 hr
oh i JUST got the tie between the tale and the name of Until Death... THEY MARRIED THEN HE KILLS HER WITH A KISS... OHH... I STUPY
maximillian 3 hrs
i love the writers on scp wiki but GOD i feel like an english teacher being nitpicky about typos and grammar errors
maximillian 6 hrs
im dropping out of school and doing a podcast in a 1930s radio style where i talk about social media discourse
maximillian 8 hrs
love how giorno sat on his ass for 6 months before deciding he should see if fugo should reenter the gang or not
maximillian 9 hrs
"i will never pick up any hints u drop and i believe ur simply a friend however i will stand real close to u showing u memes" deadass
maximillian 10 hrs
maximillian 15 hrs
ok i know im in love with him but can this dork ... back away from my face when we're talking ajfjahsjdbxjekvofj
maximillian 15 hrs
"i got a boy wearing girly skinny jeans and another kid who dresses like a boy" WAIT WAIT WAIT WHAT
maximillian 1 day
having an EPISODE
maximillian 1 day
love when 17 year old talking about seducing dads gets #1 rn instead of a good clean country song
maximillian 1 day
THE funniest scp joak or w/e is a fucking 4 pixel image
maximillian 1 day
sad my selfies are like 2.5mb each .. i wanna upload them here 😔
maximillian 1 day
i have like a 1 paper speech i forgot to write over the weekend fuuuck
maximillian 3 days
sooo am i gonna stop talking about keer sim once a week JFSALSKFLSJG
maximillian 3 days
my whole self my whole person "frustrated" him and its so fucking strange thinking about it
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