maximillian 4 hrs
maximillian 5 hrs
my name is TOTALLY lucifer theres no WAY my parents DIDNT name me that wow im so EMBARASSED that my name is LUCIFER
maximillian 6 hrs
cant wait for when i sit in a 3 hr wait line with my friends so i can explain sdc
maximillian 16 hrs
the line for the last ride of the night was so long i explained the plot of jojo parts 1 and 2 to my friends
maximillian 19 hrs
ill admit. i accidentally held up a few people looking around at the women in the rob zombie scare area
maximillian 21 hrs
love yall (im sayi g this in case delia cursed me to die)
maximillian 21 hrs
hi im at . universal
maximillian 1 day
sleep time zzz
maximillian 1 day
like i get up around 6 and it was bc of school but now i just. its regular and i like the cool air and how it isnt pitch black outside but
maximillian 1 day
i know some people arent keen on waking up before 10 but idg how some sleep til noon?
maximillian 1 day
anyways its 10 and im turning in early bc we head out around 3 and wont be home until 5am sunday
maximillian 1 day
yes i TOTALLY binge whore movies every other weekend
maximillian 1 day
i cant say horror properly i keep saying it like whore and its not on purpose and i said it in front of kids and adults today i feel so 😣
maximillian 2 days
imagine dragons is the only currently relevant/popular band able to properly convey messages of mental illness i know of ill be honest
maximillian 2 days
roots and i was me are both real good...
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