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. howl | 15 | they/them | 🦷 くコ:彡 eating stars is my hobby! yea i swallowed a star once#8414 🦷✨🌠💖🌠✨🦷 v Check Out My UN Hoard v
casimir + 16 + it/its
18 | he/him just a transguy who really likes naps and talking abt birds ☆゚*・。*・☆゚*・。*・☆゚*・。*・☆゚*・。*・ vent acc: @babybird
hi i'm luciel and my joy in life is my ability to do a proper nico nico nii. in other words, i'm a complete loser. talk to me !
Let's see if that Awful Plerb User can predict six weeks of Electro House blaring directly into its shity cage
Jolyne 17 She/Her Was @prinnysquad
im roger im lesbo am 16 he/him prnouns. Jesus God I Need My Juul icon by tetrisplus CHECK OUT MY CANON URL STASH IN MY FOLLOWING LIST I ONLY HOARD THE BEST stan dethklok.
piss off
ellis | he/him | 16
Drag Queen | Find me at: http://SanctuaryofMana.Club
i cherish with fondness the day [before] i met you i cherish with fondness the day [before] i met you i cherish with fondness the day [before] i met you 18/cis(she/her)/lesbian dont fuck with me i'll call you slurs and bully you on the internet i love gigantic titties
Zawsze jest pora na gorący rosołek :P
read this vvvvvvv
rip benny harvey 👼🏼💔 gone but not forgotten miss you, big man
my friends call me bastard [☆=(ゝω・)/ gf w/ @ramenbowl ]
Jolyne She/her My tumblr is trans-lesbian-susie
the world's first unmanned flying deskset i'm cal! im 18, they/them friends > followers (ignore the password (its for my kinstagram), and my kin list isnt updated very often)