octobrush 7 days
rank X means I will never achieve the great S+50 but if there's better matchmaking then I guess its fine
octobrush 8 days
octobrush 8 days
i still really wanna know what playable octolings will sound like. i doubt theyll have those smug laughs that octarians have
octobrush 8 days
octo expansion has been the only thing on my mind lately
octobrush 19 days
alright folks time to pick a side
octobrush 20 days
when you and a mutual share a lot of interests but they're older(/younger) than you so you don't know how to interact w/ them
octobrush 26 days
lesbian isopod hours
octobrush 27 days
there are two states of hunger for me: bottomless pit & no appetite for days
octobrush 1 mo
hi im a business scrub and im gonna take all your rupees for some BULLSHIT MINIGAME. YOU DONT GET THAT PIECE OF HEART, BITCH
octobrush 1 mo
someone: just play [game with any kind of enemy]! it's not even scary dude me: it took me 5 years to not be scared of zombies in minecraft
octobrush 1 mo
octobrush 1 mo
i wish hand sanitizer tasted like it smelled
octobrush 1 mo
off the hook amiibo,.,.,..,.,.,.,.,.,,..,,..,!
octobrush 1 mo
that OtH concert was friccin lit. especially the now or never performance. if they don't release concert versions of the songs I'll be sad
octobrush 1 mo
changed style again. The Edgy Life Isnt For Me
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