octobrush 8 hrs
octobrush 11 hrs
mfw i dont have an opinion regarding current discourse and therefore dont care https://imgur.com/T1s1cWx
octobrush 12 hrs
/r/subredditsimulator is so surreal its just bots
octobrush 13 hrs
*im GETTING the thing i want for xmas and RiF won't stop showing me ads for it guess im a phone now oh my god
octobrush 14 hrs
google translate is stupid but so am i
octobrush 1 day
i am so tired but splatfest in two hours !!
octobrush 1 day
candles with wooden wicks are so good.... crackly
octobrush 1 day
ive saved 60 orbs for this xmas banner and if thotja doesnt come home on sunday ill eat my fucking flex tape
octobrush 1 day
in orchestra we can do(& color) these connect-the-dots with a shitton of numbers for a prize on monday and i feel like a 3rd grader
octobrush 2 days
i used to get annoyed when someone spammed "ouch!" after they got splatted but now im just like Oh Mood
octobrush 2 days
god i love crayons
octobrush 2 days
fuck i think one of my bands is loose?? i know i have an ortho appointment coming up but im Concerned
octobrush 2 days
i never realized piranhas were sparkly
octobrush 3 days
not to uhhhhh read too deeply into stupid anime but hideri kanzaki is a trans girl thats just how it is
octobrush 4 days
hey guys whats up im really bad at clam blitz 👉😎👉
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