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Uhhhh I'm new here and I'm 17 and I'm an intp and in real good friends with soupy and joonas and my tumblr is daddyvore (im not a porn blog) i play overwatch a lot
@rune is where i reside now
*grips head* hhHHHH Don't call me.
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-She/Her - 17
♪ my pale blue star ♪ my rainbow, how good it is to know you're like me ♪ active infrequently, on q more often now. ama | she/her | bi | professional meme thief | mood : about to mcfucking lose it
I love anime! add me on league, or steam: xoxofirework
im anri! i like movies, astrology, animation n indie music! im a 14 yr old scorpio. im rly lonely please be my friend
God, I love Klavier Gavin. Seriously, he's hot. I wish he was real. Like, I wish it so much. Somethimes my heart hurts I wish it so much. He's amazing and wonderful and gorgeous and stunning and- Oh I gotta go!
Hi i want some fun friendos demi-boy||gay||intp||xe/xim
. find me on instagram @/ mossart.png Gabrial/Ori He/They
What's up lanque is my bf Ken | 16 | pan | talk to me about ocs and pokemon
In this house we worship Jerry Seinfeld
bec/hayden | 17 | he/they | og plerb im fucking gay my dudes http://listography.com/becnoir https://curiouscat.me/becnoir http://www.thiscrush.com/~jackbecquerelnoir discord: becnoir #4265
only here to be an irritating and sexy presence. 21 he/she
hi i'm pocket and i have an unhealthy obsession for magical girl anime
i love cryptic website communities. love to be a part of one someday.
edgy teen - it/it's or he/him - system member -i am 17, the body is 19 - punkghostie on tumblr