DreamHunter 7 mos
crunchy pb is better than creamy like if u agree comment if u don't uwu
DreamHunter 7 mos
@vulture is afraid of my potential. i am more powerful than thanos. watch ur bacc uwu
DreamHunter 8 mos
@vulture im disappointed in your insensitivity towards people with oddly shaped heads.
DreamHunter 8 mos
Yeah i know nobody cares but fukin Post Malone is a Daddy what do i gotta do to get some of that
DreamHunter 8 mos
whats up its ur boy... dogg... please just call me a good boy i crave love
User: DreamHunter
Name: .....yes..? n-no....
Location: the void
Bio: leg.... shayke... many..