Windows_95 3 days
Good evening! Island Living for TS4 released and I want it so bad! :D 🏝
Windows_95 18 days
Mxmtoon: Ultimate ukulele gal
Windows_95 18 days
Again, I have a pretty good idea on who you are. But I won’t say anything because you probably planned on leaving Plerb after that post.
Windows_95 18 days
Anyway, no use in beating a dead horse. I’ve moved on from this.
Windows_95 18 days
Also they only posted a screenshot of two of my what, 4-5 PM’s telling them to stop dragging my friend’s name through the mud after she left
Windows_95 18 days
Thx stranger for going to lengths a month later
Windows_95 18 days
Oh my, I think that @vinyl leaked my PM's from last month. How lovely.
Windows_95 20 days
Feelin' a bit better, but it feels like disaster is growing closer and nothing can stop it
Windows_95 24 days
A haiku: I am afraid to lose you but out of fear I pushed you far away
Windows_95 25 days
Tide is high but Im movin on
Windows_95 26 days
I played Sims 3 for roughly 3-5 hours during Memorial Break and I'm proud
Windows_95 1 mo
I wish Netflix had more quality content.
Windows_95 1 mo
2 rude things you can do as a student: Please don't have your earphones on fucking 100 where all can here, and get that speaker out of here
Windows_95 1 mo
I feel bad for a classmate next to me in financial literacy. She got locked out of her Unified Powerschool and received an error saying
Windows_95 1 mo
Update: It was the computer's fault
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