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*points at greek apollo* this dude. this fuckin dude. good god i would sell my soul for him to shut the fuck up.
as the high priestess between this universe and the metachaos of the four creators, on behalf of the oceanic domains by the biofluxite, covetess prophets, i, nevy nervine will make sure your soul answers to all the highest deities of the timeless void.
hey there demons, its me, ya boy.
fortuna liveposting from howl dont frq---follow!
Windows_95 + Bath Haiku & Poetry Account
stop lewding 12 year olds
stop lewding 12 year olds
. nelleigh elson | she/her | 23 | melodica @bardcore gang
oh, gil... you know that i would never abandon you.
don't get cooked, stay off the hook!
this is all for her
Character Select: [ ] Sonic and Tails [ ] Shadow and Metal Sonic [ ] Silver and Espio [o] Rouge and Knuckles
Character Select: [ ] Sonic the Hedgehog [o] Blaze the Cat
dj octavio feat. callie vs marie
stay fresh!
asdfghj i just wanted this so i wouldnt bother anyone friended to my main lmao