casimir Friends
*grips head* hhHHHH Don't call me.
Hi i want some fun friendos 17||demi-boy||gay||intp||xe/xim Discord: Spoopfrog#8583
16, white, hard of hearing, autistic. I'm an alter in a system so activity is pretty sporadic but I like having a place to speak sometimes.
they/them ntjdh squad my bf is the cutest person alive
i can't handle astounding works of beauty / i think i like my pretty pretty ugly
trade in all your chips and learn how to be free
. howl | 15 | they/them | 🦷 くコ:彡 eating stars is my hobby! yea i swallowed a star once#8414 🦷✨🌠💖🌠✨🦷 v Check Out My UN Hoard v
mars + he/him
hi im cecil and im a clueless lesbian in love. i can also count the amount of friends i have on one hand. 1, 2, 3.
18 | he/him just a transguy who really likes naps and talking abt birds ☆゚*・。*・☆゚*・。*・☆゚*・。*・☆゚*・。*・ vent acc: @babybird
He/him : 16 I used to be a weird ass attorney kinny on here back in 2016 whats good.
dabi. he/him. fictive. adult. aries. byf: i say the faggot slur & i do drugs. no truscum!
Let's see if that Awful Plerb User can predict six weeks of Electro House blaring directly into its shity cage
Jolyne 17 She/Her Was @prinnysquad
meg or angelo or marion or whatever the fuck else i used to go by
fritz 18 any pronouns i dont use this site anymore i used to be @mulder